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Air Force Sukhoi BOMB TRIAL P-100

Jakarta – Two fighter jets the Air Force ( AU ) managed to perform all tests P – 100 practice bombs in the District , Takalar , South Sulawesi , on Tuesday .

In the trial that took place since Monday ( 22/12 ) , the Sukhoi fighters 27/30 trials of exercise shooting ” air-to- ground ” ( the firing of air -to-ground ) at the Air Weapon Range / AWR Takalar train it using the P – type bombs 100 , which is a domestic product .

” Currently, the manufacturer has produced ten P – 100 practice bombs . Of the ten , six of our test in two days . While the four bombs will be used as the prototype for submission to Headquarters Air Force , and DoD military headquarters , “said Squadron Commander Air 11 Air Base ( airfield ) Sultan Hasanuddin , Iko Lieutnant son told ANTARA in Jakarta .

He said , of the bomb test P – 100 training is very suitable to be used or placed in Sukhoi SU – 27SK and SU – 30MK . ” Perhaps after further evaluation of this kind of bomb will be used mainly for training , ” he said .

Bomb train P – 100 is the result of cooperation and Development Department of the Air Force Research by CV Sari Bahari Malang , East Java .

The bomb has a length of 1,130 millimeters , weighs 100-125 pounds and a diameter of 273 millimeters . The bomb was made ​​from nodular iron for body , steel VCN 15 to suslug ( hardpoints to be installed in the aircraft ) and ST – 37 for the tail section , with a length of 410 millimeters .

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