Commander Abd Saleh Marsma military airfield Gutomo , S. IP . accompanied by the head of the unit commander and other officials visited the airfield Abd PT . Sari Bahari ( SB ) Malang which produces rocket casing for bombers . The visit received directly by the owner of PT SB , Ricky Maritime along with its staff , in meeting the PT . SB 125 is located on Jl Muharto Malang , Thursday ( 18/7 ) .

In the kunjunganya Commander wanted to see a factory for the manufacture of rocket casings bombers . It is also related to the Super Tucano aircraft belonging to 21 Squadron Air Force base Abd people planning to use this type of practice bombs , which is the result of the development of the AU to replace Dislitbang similar Russian-made bombs , OFAB 100-125 .

The owner of PT . SB Mr Ricky Hendrick in his acceptance Egam say thank you for coming Abd air base commander and his staff , and explains in detail how to make the bomb . PT ( SB ) Malang also will produce the type of Smoke warhead Warhead ( SWH ) to address the needs of the main tools of weapons systems ( alusista ) TNI . In addition , 260 units of the original claim Malang products will be exported to Chile’s late March , after defeating a similar product made ​​in the United States and Russia

Sukhoi fighter jet Air Force ( AU ) also uses the P – 100 practice bombs and managed to perform all tests. Advantages such as making it also suitable SWH installed on the Super Tucano aircraft rockets . Currently local content material for such products has reached 40 percent , he said .

Ricky Hendrick stressed PT SB is Pindad Turen partner since 2000 and now has pocketed Dislitbang certificate from the Air Force , Ministry of Defence , and the Ministry of Industry for the entire head of the rocket and chasing . Their products are now internationally acclaimed .

The visit ended with a souvenir by giving air base commander Abd Saleh to the President Director of PT . Sari Bahari Mr. Ricky Hendrick in the form of miniature Hercules aircraft . Likewise Mr. Ricky gives a miniature train to bomb air base commander Abd Saleh .