Indonesian Soon Will Be Able To Create “Fuse” Sukhoi Bomb

MALANG, Indonesia ditargetkan segera bisa membuat fuse (pemantik) bom P-100 Live untuk pesawat Sukhoi. Fuse adalah pemantik untuk mengarahkan bom pada sasaran.

“Saat ini PT Dahana (BUMN) dan PT Sari Bahari (swasta) sedang bekerja sama dengan Bulgaria untuk transfer ilmu membuat pemantik bom P-100 untuk pesawat Shukoi. Kita belum bisa membuat fuse-nya, hanya bisa membuat bomnya. Nanti kalau teknologi fuse bisa kita kuasai, kita bisa buat bom Sukhoi sendiri,” ujar Dirjen Potensi Pertahanan Kementerian Pertahanan  Pos M Hutabarat, Senin (25/3/2013) di Malang.


Diharapkan, setelah tahun 2014 Indonesia bisa membuat fuse Sukhoi sendiri. Ini karena setelah 2014 Indonesia akan memiliki satu skuadron pesawat Sukhoi. Saat ini Indonesia baru memiliki 10 pesawat Sukhoi. (Kompas.Com)



Commander Abd Saleh Marsma military airfield Gutomo , S. IP . accompanied by the head of the unit commander and other officials visited the airfield Abd PT . Sari Bahari ( SB ) Malang which produces rocket casing for bombers . The visit received directly by the owner of PT SB , Ricky Maritime along with its staff , in meeting the PT . SB 125 is located on Jl Muharto Malang , Thursday ( 18/7 ) .

In the kunjunganya Commander wanted to see a factory for the manufacture of rocket casings bombers . It is also related to the Super Tucano aircraft belonging to 21 Squadron Air Force base Abd people planning to use this type of practice bombs , which is the result of the development of the AU to replace Dislitbang similar Russian-made bombs , OFAB 100-125 .

The owner of PT . SB Mr Ricky Hendrick in his acceptance Egam say thank you for coming Abd air base commander and his staff , and explains in detail how to make the bomb . PT ( SB ) Malang also will produce the type of Smoke warhead Warhead ( SWH ) to address the needs of the main tools of weapons systems ( alusista ) TNI . In addition , 260 units of the original claim Malang products will be exported to Chile’s late March , after defeating a similar product made ​​in the United States and Russia

Sukhoi fighter jet Air Force ( AU ) also uses the P – 100 practice bombs and managed to perform all tests. Advantages such as making it also suitable SWH installed on the Super Tucano aircraft rockets . Currently local content material for such products has reached 40 percent , he said .

Ricky Hendrick stressed PT SB is Pindad Turen partner since 2000 and now has pocketed Dislitbang certificate from the Air Force , Ministry of Defence , and the Ministry of Industry for the entire head of the rocket and chasing . Their products are now internationally acclaimed .

The visit ended with a souvenir by giving air base commander Abd Saleh to the President Director of PT . Sari Bahari Mr. Ricky Hendrick in the form of miniature Hercules aircraft . Likewise Mr. Ricky gives a miniature train to bomb air base commander Abd Saleh .


Sari Bahari bomb makers P 100-120

Sari Bahari was founded in 1993 by Ir. Ricky Hendrick Egam in Malang, East Java. Initially the company specialized procurement of machinery and spare parts imported for companies engaged in strategic industries (BUMNIS – Strategic State-Owned Enterprises).

Currently Sari Bahari has been able to produce its own armaments facility supported three workshops are located in Malang and Batu City . Weapons systems that have been certified successfully produced and issued by DISLITBANGAU ( Research and Development Department of the Air Force ) and Air Force DISLAMBANGJAU .
The defense equipment is the bomb P 100-120 ( rehearsal / live ) , 2.75 cal practice warhead ” PSB smokey , container cal rocket motor . 2.75 ” , mounting stand gun cal 5:56 – 12.7 mm and 2.75 cal folding fin rocket ” . 2.75 ” , a stand mounting cal rifle from 5.56 to 12.7 mm and 2.75 cal folding fin rockets .” Bomb P 100-120 Similar to OFAB 100-125 . Bomb P100 has a total length of 1,130 millimeters specification , the total weight of 100-125 kg , a diameter of 273 millimeters . The bomb was made of nodular iron materials for the body , Steel VCN 15 for suslub , and SP – 37 for the tail section . Its tail has a length of 410 millimeters . ( AP )
Taken from http://majalahmiliter.blogspot.com